Bloomers Preschool
A Place to Grow


Play-based preschool program in cozy home environment,
located in the Glenview neighborhood,
near Park Blvd.

For Children two years old until Kindergarten

Bloomers is a community of families and teachers who seek to embrace and cultivate all the joys of childhood. Children need opportunities to actively explore art, music, math, science, storytelling and literacy as part of the world they live in. We recognize that play is beneficial to the learning process, but equally important, play provides pure enjoyment in the moment.


Carolyn Hi, I'm Carolyn Carpenter, owner, director, and teacher at Bloomers PreSchool. My career in early childhood began with the arrival of my first child. I put my plan to become an Elementary school teacher on hold so I could be with my own child for at least a little while. My "brief interlude" has lasted 22 years thus far! I fell in love with this age group and being a preschool teacher. I have four children of my own, and have taught a few hundred. I have been influenced by Bev Bos, Vivian Gussin Paley, Joseph Cornell, and my own memories of childhood and first 'school' experiences. I will complete my B. A. in Early Childhood Administration in September 2012.

Beth Hi, I'm Beth Munsterman! I have been with Bloomers since February 2011 and have loved every minute of it! I am married and have three children now in their late teens and early 20s. When my kids were young we participated in a parent-coop preschool where I learned much about childhood development and how to engage preschool children. When my youngest began kindergarten, I became a substitute teacher. I found I am really cut out for working with younger elementary children, especially kindergarten to 2nd grades. After almost 8 years of substitute teaching I finally went back to school to earn my multiple subject teaching credential. I taught kindergarten for several years, both in my own classroom and as a substitute. Working with Carolyn at Bloomers has been a real joy for me. I am excited every day to work with the kids and bring them new learning experiences as well as share new discoveries with them. I love to use my art background and do lots of creative projects with the children, and I am an avid gardener and I enjoy sharing this with the students also. These years between the ages of 2 and going off to kindergarten are so very magical and I feel very honored and blessed to be able to share my days with some truly amazing little people.

Hours: 8 am-6 pm, Mon-Fri

3717 Randolph Avenue
Oakland, CA 94602


Dear Parent:

Welcome to Bloomers Family Child Care!

I am happy to welcome you and your family into my home and include you in our extended family: Bloomers!

Family child care can be an ideal child care and preschool option. The small group setting allows for more individual attention. This allows me to truly know each child, and plan activities specifically geared towards that child's needs and interests.

The home environment is safe, secure, and familiar to your child. There is an inherent "cozy and safe factor."

Your child has a consistent primary care giver. I invest my time, talents, energy, enthusiasm and love in every child.

Making hats

Your child is accepted 'as is.' She/He is free to develop at her/his own pace. Activities are developmentally appropriate for each child. Children acquire new skills at different times; and thus even children of the same age have very different abilities. Your child will acquire new skills as is developmentally appropriate for her or him.

Your child has the opportunity to learn from children both older and younger. Mixed age groups are beneficial: they foster helpfulness and compassion, reinforce responsibility for oneself and others, and allow children to experience "sibling" roles outside of their own family structure.

Your child is always learning from a "hidden curriculum" of real life events. Children are active learners. They learn best by using their senses and being active participants in a natural learning process. I strive to recognize teachable moments and expand upon them. Our daily shedule is flexible to allow for meaningful diversions.

There is time to PLAY! The foundation of all formal learning begins with the play skills now developing.

We strive to promote: self help skills and conflict resolution skills and a sense of environmentalism, gender equality, multi-cultural awareness and appreciation, and of course, friendships.

Eco-House Child Care

Welcoming all families, incuding GLBT.

Carolyn Carpenter
(510) 530-9413

License #013417902

What our parents say about us.

"My twin daughters attend part time and we were immediately struck by Carolyn's warm, caring nature. She has a professional background as a preschool teacher, is attentive and flexible to families' needs. Other things we like: no TV watching, lots of books and stories, predictable yet flexible routine to the day, age appropriate toys and activities, reasonable rates."

"I am very happy with my daughter's preschool-like daycare, Bloomers, …. The teachers offer a nice balance of some kindergarten-readiness activities with a lot of free play, outdoor time, art, yoga, and occasional field trips. Carolyn and her co-teacher, Beth, have decades of experience as teachers and my daughter loves and trusts them."

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